Try These 4 SEO Tools From SEMRush Here!

SEMrush is a very powerful all-in-one marketing and SEO suite that assists you in keyword research, and that includes tracking the keyword strategy of your competitors. It is also super good at running SEO audits, searching for backlink opportunities track everything through reports and so much more.

Here are 4 free SEO tools from SEMRush which you can try here.

  1. Free Site Audit Tool: Uncover any sit’s website traffic, including their sources of traffic, regions of traffic, devices, visitor behavior and engagement pattern. Plug in the website URL to get started.

2. Free Backlink Analysis: This is great for running through the backlink database of any given domains, whether it’s your own domain or other competitor’s websites.

3. Traffic analytics tool: This is especially good for doing a comprehensive SEO health-check for your site, to make sure it’s in good SEO condition and up your site’s traffic and ranking.

4. Domain, keyword or organic search tool – Just plug in your domain, keyword and URL and you will find tons of details about important SEO metrics that will make you rank better.

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